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About Me

Timothy Waterman (aka, Beau)

My Inner Transformation began twelve years ago at the age of 28. I was living a life that didn't work and was miserable from the inside, out. People-pleasing led me to create a personal and professional life that was full of stress. Thankfully I reached a point where enough became enough!That looked like having a digestive condition that kept me from being able to keep food and even water down! 7-10 days of being in bed helped me to realize that my marriage, career, and family life were no longer a match. Why? Because the life I was living was the result of me not being true to my Self. Feeling like an outsider was the norm. Expressing my True Self was kept on the down-low. I didn't have the worth or confidence to say, "this is me" and let my true colors out!Things began to shift when I was willing to let that life go. Though I had love for my husband at the time, we had grown apart. The vision we each had for our lives was a mis-match and a big mis-match at that! I didn't know how to be myself around my family, I carried a lot of shame in terms of being gay. (The churches I grew up in heavily condemned being same-sex oriented.) And the career? I had never done anything I truly in-joyed. I had only found one stress-filled job after the next just to pay the bills.30-years of age became the age where I said, "let's go big, let's begin a-New!" Quitting my job and amicably ending things with my husband then freed me up to move to California.When I was still ill with that stomach condition I had asked myself, "What have I never tried I in life thus far?" The answer that came was, "I've never tried following my Heart."Following my heart meant moving to Los Angeles to go to acting school. (I had wanted to study acting from the age of 11 and had never really allowed myself to dive in.) So that's what I did!Within a couple months I was there. There going to improv class, there with a new job in the field of wellness. (Wellness was the other passion I had.) Yeah, that's where my transformation began!!Since then so much has changed. Changed for the better I may add 🙂Here are a number of things that I've healed to great extents (in my inner-world) along the way:• Addiction to People-pleasing.
• Putting Myself Last (and feeling exhausted from that).
• Religious Trauma: recovering from belief systems that told me I was I was tainted and unworthy from birth. That I came into this world broken and as a "sinner." (These beliefs led to me being at odds with me in so many ways.)
• Depression: a sense of sadness over holding myself back in life.
• Fear of Death: I used to live in great fear of death. Now, knowing that what awaits me on the other side is nothing but love and peace, I live my life focused with a real emphasis on living it! Not fearing how/when it may end.
• Fear of Flying: I used to be terrified to get on a plane. I'd spend the weeks and months leading up to my flight worried that things could go wrong. Now, I get excited about travel and feel completely at peace during a flight.
• Panic Attacks: knowing how to calm my body if my thoughts began to get away from me.
• Divorce: It took me a number of years to find my own identity after an 8-year relationship that came to and end.
• Shame Around my Sexuality and for Having a Sexual Nature (the churches I grew up in shamed sexual expression in so many ways).
• Lack of Love, Compassion, and Acceptance for My Self (I used to feel terrible about myself in some ways and afraid of myself in others).
• Co-Dependency: needing to be with a romantic partner in order to feel loved.
• Hiding my Authentic Style (I now have a mohawk, a beard, and stretched years -- before I moved to LA I had a mohawk but would hide it in both public settings and around my family)
• Chronic OCD: I credit many plant-medicine experiences for this.
• Orthorexia: the obsession with only eating the best food possible at all times (to the point where I could barely find a meal that felt healthy enough anymore).
• Lack of Confidence and a fear of public speaking.
• Low Self-worth: both in my romantic life and career.
• Needing to Achieve in order to feel enough / worthy (aka, work addiction).
• Perfectionism: Constant stress over needing to get everything "right" all of the time.
• Lack of Peace: not knowing how to find acceptance and calm with where life is at right now.
Here are some ongoing aspects of life that I've learned how to navigate pretty well:• Worrying/Catastrophizing: I'm aware enough these days to be able to catch myself when I begin to go down significant worry loops. I have a number of reliable tools that help me come back into the present moment and calm my body down. I know how to begin to shift out of these habits and help myself feel better in the Now.
• Overthinking: similar to the habits above, my increased presence and awareness allows me to catch myself if I begin to think too much. Typically trying to figure the future out in my head... I have a number of tools to, again, bring me back into the present moment where life is actually happening, Now.
If you'd like to know more I highly recommend listening to at least the first two podcast episodes listed below ⬇️ I get into my personal transformation story quite a bit and you'll get a chance to see more of my personality as well!Much love and many blessings,
(my nickname is Beau) 🌈 🕊️

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Channeled Session Reviews


Timothy is the clearest mirror I have had the pleasure of working with to remember the pure light that I am within.Working with him, I found so much clarity so quickly, and through such a strong, yet gentle loving voice. I was able to tap into the subtle energy of my body to find healing and support in the lineage of my maternal lines.  I was also able to find the gifts in my fears and transmute them to inspired courage.Timothy was able to connect with the energy I could most readily receive to hear the messages of the guides.  I was able to find grace with the beautiful mess inside I hide from the world, and discover that allowing the world to see how compassionately I can hold it is my medicine to the collective.He was able to channel supportive words and love that enabled me to feel safe moving out of the comfort zone of being the knower into a place I’ve been afraid to step - the learner. He is hands down the best, most clear and direct channel I have ever experienced.
Kaitlyn Raine | Boulder, CO, USA


I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to experience Timothy’s channeling on a couple of occasions and both times I received the exact tips, information, and guidance that I needed to hear on my journey.If I had a question, through Timothy’s channel they’d let me know the energy the question was coming from, what’s causing it, how to possibly look at it from another way, and then offered both a different question I didn’t even think about asking (but really the one I needed) and then provided the answer for it!During the second experience, we recorded the message and I relistened to it 5 times because it was so deep, practical, and absolutely turned my view around of how the world is structured, how manifestation occurs, what causes our behaviors and our feelings, and our vibration that affects all kinds of external circumstance to come into form -- applicable to my personal view and experience.All in all, Timothy’s channeling has allowed me to access practical tips that I just couldn’t find in books I’ve been reading and has set me up in the direction in my life where I know how to trust myself more fully, how to be more in alignment, and how to actually enjoy this human experience with all that is has to offer!Thank you Timothy and team for the wonderful work and messages you help bring into the World!
Dmitri Sennikov | Toronto, ON, Canada


Tim provided me with such deep knowledge and wisdom coming straight from his guides and Highest Self. Tim is one of the most clear channelers of wisdom and Truth I have ever known. During our session, he was able to channel the messages clearly, swiftly, and with grace. I am deeply grateful for his openness to accept his calling and bless us all with his gifts… he was born to be an open channel of pure Divine Light for us all. Thank you Tim!
Lauren Scrofani | Los Angeles, CA, USA


Timothy's sessions are deeply engaging, encouraging, and inspiring. Timothy's guidance holds a similar frequency to the works of Abraham Hicks. Although similar, Timothy's work is distinctly unique and delivers a stern-but-loving reminder that we are in fact the architects of our lives. I was brought to tears in the best possible way. Highly recommended!Raven Digitalis | Author of The Empath's Oracle & The Everyday Empath | Lihue, HI, USA


I thoroughly enjoyed my energy alignment session with Timothy and his guides. He is a gentle soul who through his deep spiritual connection provided channeled wisdom specific to my most pressing concern, the outcome of which is continuing to unfold in my life. The guidance I received allowed me to see a new, simpler, gentler path I wasn't able to see or accept prior to our session together. I recommend a session with Timothy.
Esther Piszczek | Duluth, MN, USA


My channeling experience with Timothy is beyond actual words. The tears of joy and gratitude I felt during and after the session left my heart overflowing.The messages came through with such clarity, such affirmation, and touched me in a place of knowingness that I felt so deeply.  I left feeling confident and clear and excited from the messages regarding the questions I specifically asked and from the general closing message that I requested.I have gone back to listen to the recorded message more than once. My heartfelt appreciation to you Timothy for your gift to me and my journey is immeasurable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Sandra | Canada
*In 2024 I became an Orykl Verified Channeler.

What I Channel +
Why I Do This

What I Channel

I channel the essence and the energy of my Higher Self. Another way to say it is my Soul Wisdom + Intelligence. Years back I received a name for that of my Higher Self and that name is Sovereign RainBeau.Sovereign RainBeau is here to remind us of the power of stepping into our sovereignty. To Trust Ourselves, the True Self and to Relax into that Sovereign Inner Knowing. Therefore Sovereign RainBeau helps other Beloved Souls (who are having a human experience) see where they may be in denial of their Sovereignty — where they may not be hearing and applying their own True Voice.The Voice of All That IS resides deep within. Yes, that voice exists within me and it also exists within you. Of this, I have no doubt!
Sessions with Sovereign RainBeau are often simple and straight to the point. No judgment is held and limitations in thought and/or belief are often pointed out. Pointed out so the individual who is receiving the information can identify opportunities to choose again. If they so choose to, choose again, of course.
Sovereign RainBeau is not here to have any other being turn their power over to Sovereign RainBeau. Sovereign RainBeau offers viewpoints from that of Expanded Consciousness + Intelligence and invites all those who hear it to be discerning of the information for themselves. To, again, hear their own True Voice above all else.I have channeled Sovereign RainBeau since the name was given to me specifically in 2021. Being that this is my Soul, I could also say I’ve been channeling Sovereign RainBeau in one way or the other for my entire life…At this time I do not consciously connect to other energies in my sessions. I do feel, however, that my Higher Self is working in tandem with that of the Higher Self of the individual who is receiving the session on the other side of the virtual call. I have often heard session recipients make such statements as,“I feel so connected!”
“This is exactly what my Guides have been telling me!”
“This information feels SO aligned with my Inner Being!”
So, it is my great joy to be able to bring forth expanded information from All That IS through the viewpoints and perspectives that are held by Sovereign RainBeau.A great joy it IS indeed!

Why I Do This

My intention for channeling is to allow others to experience the wisdom that has allowed me to see what Grand Architects of Reality We Are. That creation starts within. Every thought, story, and belief holds value. The more we focus on any specific perception of reality the more we invite it in.As I’ve seen how powerful I AM and as I curate the focus of my Inner World -- things change! What’s changed the most is me. What continues to improve is the Relationship I Have with Me. That of my mind, my body, my heart — all in tandem with that which I refer to as the Nature of My Soul.My Soul is patient, my Soul is thoughtful, my Soul is kind. It seeks to encourage, love, and lift others up by way of positive interaction + a willingness to see them with open eyes.So yes, what I have received through channeled wisdom, first and foremost, is my transformation. A transformation from within. From that place, I witness fun, magic, and miracles in my outer world as well. Things have become simpler. I have allowed more ease. In a great number of cases — things just come to me!So I do this, I offer these sessions, as I Am genuinely excited by the shifts I see in my reality. If I can practice, apply, and embody this wisdom - I feel that others can too. In my private practice, I have received wonderful feedback from those whom I have served before this date.It’s a transformation of consciousness. It’s an expansion into more. It’s an upliftment to a holistic view of reality. And again — what’s changed the most is me. I Am happier in this Now. I Am more connected in this Now. I Am at peace in more Nows.
It delights my heart to know that others can and are experiencing the same!!

About the Session

When we first begin a session, on a virtual call, you will be connecting with me Timothy (though in conversation I do now prefer my nickname, Beau). I will greet and welcome you to the call. I’ll check in to see how you are feeling and invite any pertinent technical questions you may have about the call.For example, you may ask, “Should I (you) have my eyes open or closed for the channeling part of the call?” And I will respond to you with, “Whatever feels best for you, Dear One!”From there, once you feel comfortable, the channeled portion of the session will begin. It does take me about a minute, sometimes up to two, to fully expand and receive the channeled state. I, “Timothy/Beau” remain present in the background while I open to receive more. By more I mean the energy and perspectives of Grander Intelligence. The knowledge and insights that are held by the Wisdom of my Soul.I experience a relaxation of my mind and warm expansive energy that flows into my Heart. Once the Sovereign and Loving Energy has settled into my Heart, the first thing Clients often here are the words, “And yes, you may begin.”“You may begin” meaning, please bring forth the first life question you have to the table. Any question pertinent to your current life situation is welcome. Questions that may help you better understand your Self and your outer-world-creation are welcome.During the session, my eyes typically remain closed. It is also very common for my head to rise up and move backward — my face will often be facing upward towards the ceiling above.I experience a strong current of energy that moves from my Heart and up through my throat to clearly express the energy (and words) that flow through in response to the life questions that are brought to the table.Channeled responses to life questions can vary. Some responses may be short questions put directly back to the Client / Question-er. Other responses may last several minutes as a way to bring forth new perspectives in regard to life circumstances.Sovereign RainBeau typically checks in after a few minutes to make sure the information that has just been communicated “makes sense” and is settling in for the Client on their side of the conversation.The number of questions permitted in a session depends on the amount of time it takes to address each question, starting with the first, one at a time.For instance, if twenty minutes are spent creating clarity for the first question, that will determine how much space is left for further questions. There is no guarantee about how many questions will fit into the session time. Sessions are fluid and the intent is to create greater clarity for the Client / Question-er, one question at a time.Within five minutes of the end of our session, Timothy/Beau (my personality self) will come back to the forefront of the call. My eyes will open and I’ll typically stretch my neck a little bit.I will ask you how you feel about the session and if there are any closing questions you’d like to ask, again on a technical basis, before the call ends.If the remainder of our time permits, I may be able to offer a bit of integration wisdom you can take with you as you begin to contemplate ways to incorporate the channeled wisdom into everyday life.

Intuitive Coaching Testimonials


I came to Tim when I was in a dark and confused place in my relationship. I did not know how to feel, what direction to go, or what to do. Tim held a beautiful, patient, and loving space for me to vent and through his energy held up a loving mirror for me to discover a truth I had not realized previously that would help me find inner peace, knowing and calm in the situation and light the way for me to move forward.If I can say anything about Tim, it’s that he helps you to light YOUR OWN way in life and ignites your inner fire in a way that’s truly magical and sometimes miraculous. Thank you Timothy for your beautiful work and I hope everyone gets the opportunity to work with you as I have
Brandon Tobias | Southern California

Rachel | Part 1 (after the first few initial sessions)

I had a problem, my deepest darkest problem that I hid for 6 years.It had to be secret from friends and family as I felt so much shame about it.I had tried talking to coaches, and they got frustrated as I could not make a decision. Every time I thought I got somewhere I could not follow it through.It nagged at me, and I was always afraid of the outcome.After a few sessions with Timothy some things shifted. I started to realize that my boundaries were off. I also managed to shift some huge chains of guilt that had me pinned down.When I moved through these pieces, weirdly the answers to my problem just seemed to appear. Like the path was always there right in front of me but suddenly it was lit right up.I stepped out in the path that I had originally been too scared to follow. This time I found peace and a sense of calm.It now seems funny that this decision that took me 6 years of agonizing, that I felt was impossible to solve had the answers within me all along! I just needed the guidance and intuitive questions from Timothy to unlock it! | Rachel

Rachel | Part 2 (after 6 Months of sessions)

I finally broke the habit of being myself.I had stubborn patterns of thinking. Fears, negative self-talk and a limited mindset.Despite reading a multitude of books. Despite having invested in coaching.I knew I was moving forwards but it was baby steps.I annoyed myself sometimes. I looked in the mirror and didn’t feel that I was a true reflection of the person inside.In fact I struggled to fully know the person inside. And struggled even more to like myself.I hid behind tiny lies. Never quite speaking my truth and hiding my real feelings as I felt they were inappropriate or could harm others.It is now 6 months since I started working with Timothy.I was guided by my intuition to work with him. I was intrigued by his strong boundaries and solid sense of self.Within this 6 months I have experienced the fastest growth within myself that I have ever known. Rapid changes coming from listening to my heart and taking action. (Instead of ignoring it for fear of hurting others).I realized that by not being the real me, I was actually misleading others. In a way that was doing more harm to others than I had intended it to.Since working with Timothy I have noticed explosive changes in my thought patterns. Sometimes it is so profound I have a little giggle at this new person I have become.I have learned to be happy with myself. I have taken steps out to follow my heart that I expected would be disastrous. Yet they led to the most unbelievable manifestations coming true. One after another of all the things I desired happening in magical timeframes.The more I have listened to my inner voice, the louder it becomes. The more I learn to trust the better it gets.Timothy has helped me transform in ways that I thought could not be achieved. He really did help me step into a whole new person - one that is not even tempted by the old ways and habits from before. | Rachel

Rachel | Part 3 (after a year of sessions)

It’s been a year since I started working with Timothy. I commit to a regular practice of twice monthly sessions as it is so powerful for expansion.During the time of working with him, I have become accustomed to recognizing my own destructive thought patterns in a much faster way. Recently, when going through a personal crisis, I realized that I was stopping my own thought patterns so quickly that they weren’t even having a chance to take effect!I have started to see my life through a different lens. Others around me recognize the massive change. I am able to communicate my needs and boundaries with ease. I am able to understand myself and discuss those difficult things, that I once shied away from.It has helped me walk away from difficult relationships and strengthen and nourish ones I wish to keep.It has helped me improve my self-esteem, my confidence, and how I treat myself.I sometimes feel that Timothy sprinkles a little bit of magic into our chat. He asks a question and it can be like a thump to the chest, raising my awareness to something I had no idea about, but suddenly realize the relevance of it. Some of the questions can literally take my breath away or make me cry.But every time I work with him, I know it’s another knot pulled out of the chaos. Another wound on its way to being healed. Or another perspective that will help me deal with challenges in the future.I made a commitment to my continued expansion and will never regret this life-changing decision! | Rachel


Timothy is one of the most kind, gentle souls on this planet with the most infinite power and wisdom you can imagine. Over these last five years working together not only has he taught me much about the spiritual growth experience and creating the life of your dreams for success, but through his consistent words and actions, he has also taught me how to become a better human being.He inspires all those around him and working with him as a life coach feels immensely comforting and safe. Thank you Timothy for helping me uplevel into my highest and greatest Self... you are a true angel among us! I look forward to witnessing your beautiful expansion in business as you move up to serve at an even higher level this year.
With Love, Jourdan | Nashville, TN


Had such an uplifting call today with Timothy. He helped me find clarity with my goals and achieve new revelations on what was keeping me stuck. He's completely present and provides a safe space as he guides you to making your own self-discoveries. If you are interested in exploring what a transformational coach can do for you, I recommend Timothy! Kasi | USA


Where to start! I did a video session via Zoom with Tim and in all honesty had some skepticism on whether the energy would be able to get transferred through technology. My doubts bursted about ten minutes into the session.Tim has a profound way of opening up your deepest wounds and sprinkling them with pixie dust. I had several intense and vulnerable moments followed by an immediate sense of lightness. It felt as though a weight was lifted, I couldn’t help but smile towards the end of our session.He even made me a custom PDF full of journal prompts, words of affirmations, meditation materials to listen to, recommended books to read, quotes that resonate with me, and even down to the colors and images I told him i was drawn to. Several days later I am still using this as a guide to fill my days with more play, joy, compassion, and a lightness.I feel more connected to others around me and am excited about life again.
Brooke | Southern California


Timothy, Timothy -- I feel so grateful to you. I keep getting all these thoughts flooding in. It's like that chat yesterday was so helpful.It switched something in quite a major way. I woke up this morning with like tears and all of these thoughts. I just realized that my friend is just a representation of my parents ya know.I've treated her in just the exact same way. I thought that she was pretty stubborn and would never change. And maybe she is. Maybe she is.And so I just went into my child-mode of protection. Staying quiet and not speaking my mind. Ah, I feel like I've just changed overnight! I feel so different!Isn't that good!? That was, whew, like a big thing! And I was just feeling so lost all week. So, pretty incredible -- you've got some nice questions that you ask.Impressed and I just wanted to say thank you for just taking that time because I know things aren't perfect and it's not all sorted but I just am seeing this from a completely different light!!! | Betty


From the moment we first met, the divine channel that is Timothy has helped navigate my being towards a state of centered integration. We first crossed paths in this iteration early in my awakening, and Timothy has been a guiding light in helping me ground and balance my experiences on Earth from the beginning.His truly genuine compassionate and loving heart is something this world needs now more than ever. If you are going through an awakening or are feeling called to see more of what this existence has to offer,Timothy has a beautifully gentle way of guiding you towards your inner light. Led by his natural ability to energetically feel where you are at in your process of inner discovery, you will be given just what you need to hear at the time you need it.
Joe | USA


My incredible friend Timothy Patrick is a life and spiritual coach, although I would call him a happiness coach. In my opinion, having someone like Tim in your corner is a big part of finding joy in life. He creates a safe space for you to discuss what’s truly in your heart so that you can find a path to living your most authentic self. He listens with compassion, channels clear messages from your spirit guides, and most importantly relates to the journey because he’s done it himself.He reminds me that I’m always in the right place at the right time. He also reminds me that taking time to heal is ALWAYS worth my time. As someone recovering and dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, I often feel guilty for needing time alone or for needing to spend a day being completely still, so having a coach that redirects that train of thought keeps me on the path of joy and healing.
Amanda | Washington D.C


Connecting with Timothy, is like connecting with a childhood friend, one where there was no beef, but instead like a deep profound ability to express yourself freely, with no judgment. The work that we were able to do allowed for each of us to really express ourselves as we are, and give poignant tips and tricks as to how to readily curate the life in which you want to lead.It truly was an honor to work with this individual, and I'm grateful that we agreed to have a chat, and then it ended up becoming in blossoming into so much more. I look forward to working within my visioning practices tonight, and to truly be doing the internal dance to reflect upon the being that I wish to be. Rootz B. | Visioning Workshop Testimonial


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Timothy 🕊